Reid Dalland   Tensioned Fabric Structure Manufacturing, Sales, Rental and Installation.

Rental Hypars and Truss Skin

Party With The Band Rock and Roll show, Roseland NYC



Rental Hypars with 24' diameter Truss Skin.






Truss Skin

Various sizes available for rental.





Musicares 2003, Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC

  Rental Columns 14’ tall

  (6pcs available)





Truss Cover, Nautica fashion show, NYC   

Shown on 8’ Truss

Click Here for Truss Sock Pricing

(a.k.a. - truss covers, truss sleeves, truss wraps)






XBOX Launch,



  Stretch fabric columnsurrounds.







Billy Graham Crusade    

Various Locations.


Stretch fabric on steel framework.








Nautica Store Windows, Rockefeller Center, NYC    







Furniture Display

 Steelcase Design Partnership.

Stretch fabric, aluminum frame and plywood base. 






“Sydney Opera House”


Rental Stage Set – Stretch fabric on pipe frames. Available for rental.






Freestanding Sails






Video Projection “Whale”


   MSN8 Launch

   Black Stretch Fabric







Airlock Prototype

NASA Space Shuttle


*not available for rental or purchase







Sept. 11th Temporary Memorial

Installation, Battery Park NYC

We do not fabricate permanent outdoor structures.










AT&T at Windows ’95 Launch






On Stage


 World Trade Center,










Monsanto Corporate Dining Room









National Symphony Orchestra Tent


 Installed for: Capital Concerts,

 U.S. Capital, Washington, DC


We do not fabricate permanent

outdoor structures.






Florence Biennale


 Jil Sander Installation.






Private Event


 Fabric Canopy Installation

 NYC Armory




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