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Our standard rental period is two weeks, this usually allows enough time for shipping both ways.

Here is a partial list of rentals that are available.

Click the Title/Description for dimensioned drawings in PDF format.


Free Ground Shipping to your location on most Stage Set Rentals.

This does not include return shipping.


Stage Set Rental Packages:

MDA Stage Set - Eight piece set $600.00

Photo shows seven of the eight pieces being used.


Skypar Rental Set - Six piece set with Skypar Projection Screen $600.00.


Photo shows six piece Skypar Set, with size matched Skypar Projection Screen.

We have three full sets available for rental, pieces are available individually as well.

The Skypar Set is a logical solution for ceiling applications as well.




15' x 20' TriPar Rental Set - Six piece Set $600. Shown with Skypar Screen and 20' x 25' projection screen.

Sketch shows six piece TriPar Set, with Skypar Projection Surface.

The TriPar Set is a logical solution for ceiling applications as well.



FIFI Hypar Rental Set - Ten piece stretch spandex shapes $750 (Fifi rental set is made up of 4pt fifi hypars, and 6pt fifi hypars.) Also shown on rdalland site as Rental Hypars. More stretch spandex shapes are available if needed.

All rental set pieces are available as individual rentals, inquire for pricing.


Projection Surfaces:

Projection Surfaces are shown with maximum image size.

Skypar 12' x 15' Projection Surface - Front, or rear projection, $100.00.

Skypar Projection Surface with Skypars


8' x 10' Projection Surface with 6' x 8' Projection Area, $50.00

10' x 15' Projection Surface with 7' x 12' Projection Area, $100.00

20' x 25' Projection Surface with 15' x 20' Projection Area, $175.00 (Two available, Front projection recommended at this size).

Projection Surfaces are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, for rental or purchase, please email with your specific needs.


Truss Skins:


20' Diameter Circular Truss Skin (as shown above) - $200

20' Square, 8 Point Truss Skin (Can be used without a truss) - $250

30' Diameter, 8 Point Truss Skin (Can be used without a truss) - $300


Light Diffuser Disks:

10' Diameter Disks - 5 available -




Individual Pieces:

WB Columns - $250 each - Columns can also be suspended from one overhead point with no internal structure.





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